A holistic design studio passionate about various art & design disciplines. And I present to you all my know-how about these mediums by blending them with my designs.


Industrial Design / Brand Development / Branding / Print, Digital & Web Contents / Art Direction / Photography









I’m an undergraduate alumnus of the Kadir Has University, Department of Industrial Design with honor degree in 2015. I organized workshops, seminars and festivals with various collective groups during and after university. I organized a photography exhibition with Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) called “Masculinity is an Exceptional Situation”, and also I contributed creating new recycled toys from wasted toys by participating in “Turkcell Toy Hospital Project” which organized for children with autism. While working on sustainability, I keep developing my design philosophy accordingly. Also I am the president of Butterfly Effect Association for Sustainable Living onwards, I supported this association to realization of “Sustainable Living Film Festival”.


When I finished my degree, I participated to Tasarımüssü as an Industrial Designer in 2015. I worked in the field of Product Design, Packaging, and Food Design. Eti, Mey İçki, Pınar, Sütaş, Starbucks, Rapsel, Juss, Şölen, and Unilever are some of the companies which I interacted directly in this position until July 2019. And now, I provide design & consultancy services to companies in many design fields.