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Starbucks Turkish Coffee Cup Set

Graphic Design: Tasarımüssü Design Team

Structural Design: Kütahya Porcelain Design Team



For global coffee brand Starbucks to use it across Turkish market, we designed the local cultural element, a porcelain Turkish coffee set together with Kütahya Porcelain by following the criteria set by Turkish Coffee and Culture Research Association regarding cup size and thickness. We combined the Turkish delight, water, the cup and the saucer in a ceramic tray. We reinterpreted the coffee cup and the saucer through an innovative, humorous and simple design with ten different fortune telling symbol illustrations and a phrase of Turkish Coffee Culture and made it align with modern brand identity of Starbucks. When user lifts the cup, a traditional symbol of fortune telling appears on the center of the saucer, matching the corporate colors of Starbucks. This usage of graphical component in a manner that offers an opportunity to conversation and joy, is the main design identity of the product.

Client of Tasarımüssü

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