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Services Provided

Industrial Design, Website Design


Arallab Bionics


Arda Ülgay, Ozan Aral, Samet Çelik

Resize It!

With its resizable design, Avicenna Hand offers a sustainable alternative for amputees who are still in their physical development period. Hence, it helps to eliminate the need for buying a new hand each time in the process of reaching physical maturity. Avicenna Hand ensures a nature-friendly long-term use.

Use It!

Avicenna Hand offers a very efficient and easy way to control the hand. Through its smart interface and AI supported software you can personalize the functions of your hand. Using its specialized smartphone app, you can discover many various abilities that you could apply to your everyday life.

Customize It!

With its modular nature and a wide- range of color scales, Avicenna Hand allows you to personalize your hand. You may customize your hand by choosing your favorite color and design combinations. Just enter your scale number, make color and design selections! You are ready to get new parts for your Avicenna Hand.

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