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Ken & Sarar Smart Technologies LLC

Sanitabox is not just a box - just might be the box that saves your life.​​​​​​​

Our team has been experiencing the same anxieties as you and the rest of the world with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. And from the onset, we have been looking for ways to contribute to the improvement of people's lives at this stressful time. Thus, the idea of the Sanitabox was born as the world's first specific sterilizing appliance using ultraviolet light (UVC) technology for home and kitchen use.

No chemicals. Pure Light!

The Sanitabox brings state-of-the-art LED technology directly onto your home. Using 360º UVC (Ultra Violet C band) exposure, it can guarantee 99.99% sterilization in only 30 seconds. It’s an innovation we’re excited about. That level of sterilization used to take much, much longer.

In fact, it hasn’t even been that well harnessed in professional lab equipment – until now. The Sanitabox offers 8 levels of UVC exposure, from 30 seconds (for things like unpackaged items), up to 180 seconds, for things wrapped in plastic, or any other packaging.

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