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Eti Zaga

Services Provided

Industrial Design

Client of Tasarımüssü

Eti Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.


Arda Ülgay, Gamze Güven

For Eti, who wants to enter the market with an unusual product that will be produced by moulds and experienced for the first time, we designed a chocolate in order to strengthen the innovative brand perception. For the product with salty corn content, the chocolate market was analyzed with brand new, dynamic, extraordinary key words and targeted young people. We designed the indented surfaces, as if they were not designed but formed spontaneously. The rocky terrain and the valley image is being used to express the salty-sweet contrast in flavour. Sharpness, grooves and holes in this unusual design, created a different eating experience felt on the palate and tongue. Either the intense taste, or the bulk of the chocolate in mouth created a satisfying perception and these design features are also emphasized in commercial films.

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