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Sanitabox is not just a box - just might be the box that saves your life.​​​​​​​


Our team has been experiencing the same anxieties as you and the rest of the world with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. And from the onset, we have been looking for ways to contribute to the improvement of people's lives at this stressful time. Thus, the idea of the Sanitabox was born as the world's first specific sterilizing appliance using ultraviolet light (UVC) technology for home and kitchen use.

Product Design


Ken & Sarar Smart Technologies LLC





No chemicals. Pure Light!


The Sanitabox brings state-of-the-art LED technology directly onto your home. Using 360º UVC (Ultra Violet C band) exposure, it can guarantee 99.99% sterilization in only 30 seconds. It’s an innovation we’re excited about. That level of sterilization used to take much, much longer.


In fact, it hasn’t even been that well harnessed in professional lab equipment – until now. The Sanitabox offers 8 levels of UVC exposure, from 30 seconds (for things like unpackaged items), up to 180 seconds, for things wrapped in plastic, or any other packaging.

Easy to use


There are 4 simple steps between you and a safe, sterilized home.


1- Put the things you need to sterilize into the SanitaBox and close the lid
2- Choose the exposure time.
3- For Plastic press and hold the selector button for 3 seconds and the new calculated time will be displayed.
4- Press start.


That’s it. The Sanitabox will let you know when it’s done. Fast, powerful and safe.


Sanitabox - Pure Light

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UVC LED Technology

UVC LED technology is already used in a large variety of applications, including the food industry. With high performance UVC LED sources and equipment, water, air and surfaces can be reliably sterilized in a safe way, reducing our reliance on chemicals as a disinfectant. This technology provides us with an environmentally friendly sterilizer and sanitizer.


Based on multiple studies, UVC LEDs have shown to be effective on most bacterial micro-organisms, as well as viruses and molds. Ultraviolet LEDs with emission wavelengths between 280 nm and 286 nm destroy the DNA of all micro-organisms. Viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi are disabled in seconds.

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